Tuesday Pootle – resevoir raid

An excellent ride last night with the Bad Brains Crew last night. The “resevoir raid” sets off from Morley Leeds and is about 10+ miles of excellent singletrack through woods, fireroads, country lanes and cross field bridleways.
I’ve been working from very early in the morning this week so I was feeling quite tired to start with after the 1st big climb which I am very proud that I didn’t have to foot plant on I was breathing through my ass and quite wobbly, This being about 20 minutes in to the 2 hour ride!
This ride is Big Al’s signature ride and he leads it well.

From the start there is a dash up the main road and left then down across a track going over fields I was going full pelt chasing the wheel wheel in front of me when my light disconnected and suddenly i was riding in the dark with just the lights of the rider in front to show me what was the track and what was the ditch! Normally people stop in this situation, fix the light and set off again however I was really screaming at this point and the several bikes behind me where tearing along too and with only enough room for 1 bike I just had to keep going. Thankfull a minute or so later we hit a flat bit and i was once again able to ride in the light.

My Biking skills are certainly coming on i’m now able to get over logs in the track attack and conquer small steep hills with out getting off (although 1 did defeat me……next time)

New rider Chris showd some made skills to say he hasn’t ridden for ages and definitly had the most spectacular stack of the night!

The best bit of the ride was either the dash through the tops of the birby woods, very quick with a sheer drop to the right only inches away in places this is proper grinning material the other really good bit was the bowl a drop of about 4 metres that when hit quick enough you just shoot up the other side. Video of this to appear on Fat Lads Blog.

Excellent ride! I’m so tired today though…..

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