Back in the saddle.

(note from munky: Just a short starting post on how we got here & the future plans)
2 months ago I had knee ligament replacement surgery following a rather nasty basketball accident.
Previous to the knee buggering incident I was riding almost daily to and from work and had even managed a few rides not on the commute with the infamous Bad Brains Mountain Bike Club.
More about them later.
I am now riding again, I’ve managed a few commutes and one awesome ride with the BBMBC on the Tuesday just gone around Castleford. (I’ll do a proper write up later)
So the knee is getting better, work location change means that commuting is out of the question for a while so I’ll be trying to squeeze in rides before / after work when I can.
I love my bike it is a Kona Kula 07. She’s fast, comfy, easy to ride, forgiving in the many mistakes i make and the best bike I have ever had. I also have a GT BMX which is currently under going re constructive surgery and a face lift to boot. (I’ll do a write up later on what I’ve done inc. the ups and downs)
So I’m back in the saddle and back on the blog. Here we go again.


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